Spyderco Resilience Vs Tenacious – Full Comparison Of Tenacious Vs Resilience

Spyderco Resilience Vs Tenacious

Spyderco is very known for their knives folders, and the numerous models that bring the best of the quality of a knife, in these models we can find two entry Spyderco knives made in China, they’re the Spyderco Resilience and the Spyderco Tenacious, they’re both very famous knives and know for their low entry budget and good performance, but the question is, in a Spyderco Resilience Vs Tenacious battle, which one would you pick?


Well as an answer to this, I did review both knives and write down their differences and similarities in this article, so if you’re interested in knowing more about this battle, you’re in the right place, just keep reading!.

Spyderco Resilience Vs Tenacious – A Head-to-Head Comparison




Overall Length



Blade Length



Blade Steel



Knife Weight

5.4 Oz 

4 Oz

Blade Style

Drop point



Check Price

Check Price

Spyderco Resilience Review

The Resilience from Spyderco is a low entry budget knife that comes with all the premium features of a Spyderco folder knife, it has a 4.25” drop point blade length made from 8CR13MOV, it offers great corrosion resistance, good wear resistance but comes with low edge retention, comes with a G10 Handle, a 4-way clip for, it has the signature Spyderco hole for easy opening, it has a spine and liner jimping, and a phosphor bronze bushings, skeletonized steel liners.

If you’re looking for a bigger folding knife with a low budget, the Resilience is a great choice, despite the fact the 8CR13MOV doesn’t hold an edge for long, but it easy to sharpen, so I definitely recommend it.

Spyderco Tenacious Review

This is one of my favorite affordable knives, the Spyderco Tenacious, this knife is made in China, and when it was introduced it really raised the bar for what you could get in an inexpensive knife, winning the best buy award in the 2008 show, and it’s still competitive today as 2008, it features a liner lock in textured G10 scales that really scream quality as soon as you pick one up, it has a 3.375” drop point blade made from 8CR13MOV, it offers great corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, but doesn’t hold an edge for long, there is no finger choil but you’ll get a belly edge instead and nice finger-shaped groove with a thumb spine, which make the ergonomics of this knife comparable with high-level entry knives.

What are the Similarities of Spyderco Resilience Vs Tenacious?

  1. Steel: they Both have the 8CR13MOV that offers great corrosion resistance, great wear resistance, and toughness, and comes with low edge retention.
  2. Design: They both offer the same design with the signature opening hole and thumb spine.
  3. Handle: Both knives come with G10 handles.

Spyderco Resilience Vs Tenacious – Some Key Differences

  1. Blade length: The Spyderco Resilience comes with a 4.25” blade, on the other hand, the Tenacious has a 3.375” blade.


After reviewing both knives and speaking about their differences and similarities, I’m sure you got a clear idea now, both knives are identical in terms of performance and material quality, the only difference is the blade length, so if you have to choose between them, I recommend you to go with the Tenacious since it has less 3.5” blade, which is legally tolerable in many states, but if you’re looking for long edge the Resilience is your choice, in the best thing you can do is to get them both, since they’re affordable they would be a great addition to your collection.

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