Kabar Becker BK2 VS BK22

Kabar Becker BK2 VS BK22

If you’re a hunter, a camper, or an outdoor fan, I’m sure you’ve been recommended to add a KABAR knife to your knife collection, the Kabar family knives are very known for their hardness and toughness, a great pick for your out dor adventures, one of the famous knives from Kabar are the KABAR BECK BK2 and KABAR BECK BK22, and the common question in the knives community is what knife should I pick, the BK2 or the BK22, well I had the same question, and I did some research to find an answer.

So if by any chance you’re looking for a comparison between BK2 VS BK22,  you are in the right place, I did write some good piece of information that might help you, so let’s dive in.

X VS Y – A Head-to-Head Comparison




Overall Length

10 5/8"

10 1/2"

Blade Length

5 ¼” 

5 ¼” 

Blade Steel

1095 Cro van Steel 

1095 Cro van Steel 

Knife Weight

16 Oz 

16 Oz 

Blade Style

Drop Point 

Drop Point 


Check Price

Check Price

KA-BAR BK2 Becker Campanion Review

As I already mentioned the Kabar Becker knives family is a great pick for your outdoor adventure, and the BK2 is not an exception, it has a 5 1/4” drop point blade made from 1095 Cro van Steel that offers great strength and toughness since it’s carbon steel which makes it great for hard tasks that might damage’ your knife, but in the other side it has a low corrosion resistance so you have to make sure to clean and dry your knife in a wet environment, it comes with a large and comfortable Zytel handle offers a bottom and top handle guards, it has no thumb spine, and it comes with Molded plastic Sheath made from black glass filled Nylon.

Okay now let’s speak about the knife, the knife is an excellent choice for your hard, outdoor task, no complain the 109*5 steel will offer you the hardness and toughness you’re looking for, it has great edge retention, great wear resistance, its easy to sharpen, the only bad side would be the corrosion resistance, this knife isn’t the best in terms of corrosion resistance so make sure to oil it, dry it from time to time, and finally the sheath, I recommend to get a custom one or buy the bk22’s SHEATH (that’s the key difference).

KA-BAR BK22 Becker Campanion Review

“Now before I start describing the BK22,  you will get a “Déja Vu” from the description of the BK2, and yes they’re quite the same, Now let’s go back to our knife.”

A great knife for camping, hunting, and outdoor activities, comes with a 5 ¼ “ 1095 Cro van Steel that offers hardness, toughness, and low corrosion resistance, it has a large comfortable handle made from Zytel and comes with a bottom/top handle guards, it comes with a Heavy-duty Polyester sheath that keeps your knife safe and clean.

In all, if you an outdoor man this knife must be in your collection, now again like the BK2 it has great edge retention, great toughness, and wear resistance but comes with low corrosion resistance, but for the sheath, the KABAR BK22 comes up with the Polyester Sheath.

What are the Similarities KA-BAR BK2 Becker Campanion and KA-BAR BK22?

  1. Steel: they Both have the 1095 Cro van Steel that offers great edge retention, great wear resistance, and toughness, and comes with low corrosion resistance.
  2. Blade: They both a black epoxy coated 5 ¼” drop point blade
  3. Handle: they both come with the large and comfortable Zytel Handle, with both bottom and top handle guards.
  4. Weight: They have Similar weight (16 Oz)

KA-BAR BK2 Becker Campanion VS KA-BAR BK22 – Some Key Differences

  1. Sheath: The main Key difference between BK2 and BK22 is the sheath the BK2 comes with a Molded plastic Sheath, on the other hand, the BK22 has a Polyester Sheath, in my opinion, I always go for the Polyester sheath because it helps to keep an edge on your knife better than the plastic sheath.


As you can see both knives are quite similar, they’re both great for your outdoor adventures, if you love batoning or hunting or just camping, the BK knives are always a great choice, especially if you need toughness, now if you have to pick between the BK2 or the BK22, my answer for you would just pick the one with your favorite sheath, if you like a polyester sheath then the BK22 is your choice, but if you like the Plastic sheath then go with the BK2, other than that they are just copies.

If you know any other differences, or you would like to tell me why one of the knives is better than the other, feel free to send me an email “I disabled the comment section because it’s getting spammed by bad users”, again I wish I did bring to you some help in your future purchase.

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