Esee Izula 2 Vs Esee 3 – A Full Comparison Of Esee 3 Vs Izula 2

Esee Izula 2 Vs Esee 3

As I already said in my other articles, Esee knives are made in the USA by ROAN MANUFACTURING, they’re built to take the beating and they’re great for tactical, survival, and bushcraft applications, and today we’re going to take a look at two of them, the Esee Izula 2 Vs Esee 3, and we will try to answer one of the common questions in the knife community, the Esee Izula 2 Vs Esee 3.

As an answer, we’re going to review both knives, Izula 2 and Esee 3, and bring out both similarities and differences, so if you’re still interested, waste no time and let us dive in.

Esee Izula 2 Vs Esee 3 – A Head-to-Head Comparison




Overall Length



Blade Length



Blade Steel

1095 Steel 

1095 Steel 

Knife Weight

5.2 Oz 

2 Oz

Blade Style

Drop Point 

Drop Point 


Check Price

Check Price

This is my personal favorite in the IZULA Family, the IZULA 2, this knife automatically comes with a very grippy Micarta handle which you can remove if you want, it offers a little bit more handle length in comparison with the original IZULA, this knife comes with a 2.875” drop point blade made from 1095 Steel, It has a lot of belly in it and it offers great edge retention, great wear resistance, but comes with corrosion resistance, it has a dropped tip that adds more effectiveness to usage, the knife also comes with a black plastic sheath with clip plate and a small survival kit.

This knife is really great for your outdoor activities, camping, hiking, bushcraft, the only down said would be the corrosion resistance, you should always take some good care of it to avoid rust.

ESEE 3 Review

“This review is already Used in other articles that includes the ESEE 3 if you already did read it you can skip this paragraph”

The ESEE 3 is an offshoot of Randall’s adventure in training, and this knife design is really what kicked off their entire knife lineup, when Esee spun off into a standalone knife brand this was the knife that led the way, the Esee 3 features a 3.875” broad drop point blade made from 1095 Steel that offers great hardness and wear-resistance, great edge retention, and good corrosion resistance, it has plenty of a belly which kind of hallmark of Esee’s designs, thanks to the special Rowan’ heat-treat this knife is considered the best knife in the 1095 steel, and let’s not forget about the Micarta handle that offers a non-slippery grip.

What I really like about the ESEE 3, is how thin it is, is it’s very thin so it’s ultra concealable, it works great for tactical situations where got concealment is the priority, as having a very well rounded blade shape, the full flat grind makes it an excellent slicer and there’s a finger choil where you can choke up and get those little fin details to work done with the tip of the blade, the sheath in the ESEE 3 features very positive retention and it has plenty of holes for attachment hardware, making it very easy to carry inside the waistband, scout carry behind your back, any manner you wish.

What are the Similarities between Esee Izula 2 Vs Esee 3?

  1. Steel: they Both have the 1095 Steel that offers great edge retention, great wear resistance, and toughness, and comes with low corrosion resistance.
  2. Handle: Both Esee 3 and Izula 2 offer a non-slippery handle made from Micarta
  3. Sheath: Both Knives have a black Plastic with Clip Plate.

Esee Izula 2 Vs Esee 3 – Some Key Differences

  1. Blade Length: ESEE 3 comes with a 3.875” blade length, meanwhile the Izula 2 has a 2.875” blade length.
  2. Design: they offer the same or a close design that comes with finger choil and thumb spine.
  3. Thickness: ESEE 3 comes with a 13” on the other hand the Izula 2 has a thickness of 0.156”.


Both knives are great small knives for EDC and even outdoor, camping, hunting, food preparation, they both come with the 1095 steel that offers great hardness and wear-resistance, the difference is mainly in the length, so if you’re looking for a really small knife just go for the Izula 2, it’s a great EDC with legal blade length, on the other hand, if you need a bigger knife, the ESEE 3 is better, and you have more blade in your knife, and In my opinion, the ESEE 3 can easily be my lain knife but for the Izula 2, I’ll use it as a secondary knife, especially if you have big hands, finally one thing is sure, both knives are low in corrosion resistance, so keep your eyes on your knife keep it dry and clean.

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