Best Dagger For Self Defense

Daggers are what we call a double-edged knife. They’re used mainly for self-defense and survival/tactical situations. You can’t carry them as an EDC in many states, so be aware of your state law before you acquire one. So if you’re looking for the Best Daggers to buy, I have some good news for you, I made a list of the best dagger in the market today, it took me some hours of research, so give it a read, and I hope you’ll enjoy it, before you start I’d like to remind you that my list is based on the Steel, the ergonomic, the materiel used in the handle and the quality offered by the company/brand in general, now let’s dive in!.

1. Benchmade - SOCP Dagger 176

The SOCP Dagger 176 ( Special Operation Combative Program), this little beast from Benchmade is made for combat and self-defense, let see why, first the Steel, the blade is made from the 440C STAINLESS STEEL, it offers great hardness, great toughness, and high corrosion resistance, the 440c Steel is considered an old “high-end steel” today is classified as mid-ranged Steel, it has 3.22″ black finished blade, the ergonomics of the dagger are just great! The handle offers have lanyard holes and its MOLLE compatible, the grip on it is completely comfortable, and you can even use another equipment while using it, and finally, the sheath, it completes the beauty of the knife it’s well designed, slim, easy to conceal.

In all this dagger is another win from Benchmade, it’s tough, light, solid, easy to conceal ready to cut! I highly recommend it.


2. CRKT Shrill 2075

So CRKT decided to make a close Dagger to Benchmade? That’s another article for another day, but one thing is sure, the CRKT SHRILL is a well-designed knife that’s made for combat! It comes with a 4.8″ double edge blade, made from the 8cr13mov Stainless Steel, that offers great corrosion resistance and high toughness. Now let’s talk about ergonomics and design, what I love about this dagger is its symmetrical design, it looks very nice and so comfortable in the grip, the handle has both thumb and index choil, and it comes with lanyard hole, finally the leather sheath, CRKT made a poor decision here, in my opinion, a leather sheath for a dagger isn’t the best option, a Kydex sheath would be more secure and safe for this little double edge beast.

In all this knife is very tough, sharp, light and easy to maneuver, but I recommend buying another sheath for it, unless if you prefer leather sheath.


3. SOG- Pentagon (S14-N)

The PENTAGON S14-N from SOG is another dagger with a little addition of a serrated edge so it can be great for combat, tactical situation and for hunting, with just simple flip you can go from fine Edge to serrated Edge, it has a 5″ AUS 8 Stainless Steel that offers great corrosion resistance, great edge retention, and high toughness, and the blade is easy to sharpen, this would be my first pick as a dagger, but the addition of a serrated edge to this blade made it lose the “traditional dagger style,” everything is just fine in this knife, the handle is made from Kraton Rubber and its fully jimped; offers the knife a comfortable and efficient grip, it has a lanyard hole and nylon military sheath, that makes it very easy to carry.

In all, this dagger is more than a combat dagger. It can be used in many fields (hunting, camping, fishing). I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a multipurpose knife!.


4. Boker V-42 Devil's Brigade

This one is for knife collectors, the Boker V-42 Devil’s Brigade is not a simple dagger. It has a history. It was created to honor the Union between the American and Canadian Soldiers to creat the 1st Special Service Force called the BLACK DEVILS, Boker made a replica of the V-42 Combat Knife that was given to those soldiers as combat equipment. Now since you know the story behind it, let’s talk about the knife, it has 7″ double edge HIGH CARBON SK5 STEEL that offers great edge retention, great toughness, and decent corrosion resistance (sharpening this knife is a bit hard due to the toughness), now let’s talk about the ergonomics, they’re not the best bit we can call them fine, it has curved pommel and thick leather padding under the handle for a better and safe grip, it has a resting thumb for a secure grip, and finally it comes with a leather sheath, which is also a replica of the original V-42 Sheat. In all this knife or dagger is for those who love to have an addition of history in their collection, plus of that, it’s tough, ready to cut and under Boker limited lifetime warranty.


Buyer's Guide

I hope I brought some beneficial pieces of information about the best daggers on the market, but hey! There’s more. I m going to give you the four things you need to check before buying a dagger.

1) The Steel

Always look for the Steel that offers high toughness, the daggers are meant to be a double edge to cut and god deep, very tough Steel would offer a great sharpness and will hold it for long, but let me remind you it’s hard to sharpen, you might need a belt sharpener for knives.

2) The Length of the blade

The land of the dagger’s blade should always be a minimum of 3″, if not it’s useless the dagger is meant to go deep in clothes or leather for example, with less than 3′ it will lose it utility if you noticed all the four daggers listed in my list have more than 3″ in blade length.

3) The handle and the ergonomics

First, check the handle if its comfort and causes no problem in the grip; for the ergonomics, you need the safety and secure ergonomics in your dagger; otherwise, it might harm you! Look for a top blade guard, finger, and index choil, and finally, the material used in the handle should be resistant and not slippery.

4) The Price

If you get to regroup the three first elements (Great Steel, great Length of the blade, and great ergonomics), I’m sure your dagger will be in the 60-100UsSD range, unless if it’s using a premium high-end steel than can go up to 400USD! So always search the Steel it’s basically 60% of the blade’s price, and there is also the collector’s daggers from worldwide known Maste Knifemakers/designers they can reach a high price too, don’t be shocked to find a dagger that cost 500USD.

Final Words

Before ending this article I’d like to remember that the Daggers are deadly tools, that meant for combat and self-defense, please always make sure that you’re in line with the laws of your city or state, it might be “cool” to own a dagger, but it might bring you some legal troubles, so again read or search about your local laws before owning or purchasing a dagger, and finally, I hope I gave you some help in you future purchases.

As always if you want to know more about the knives, steels, or you wish to share an opinion feel free to contact me on my contact form, I removed my commenting section, because it got spammed by some dishonest users, for now, have a good one and always keep your knife sharp!.