BENCHMADE BARRAGE VS GRIPTILIAN – full comparison of Griptilian vs Barrage


Benchmade is most famously know for the AXIS LOCK, and their success with this lock is undeniable, and today we’re going to take a look at two of the famous American made axis lock knives from Benchmade, the BARRAGE  and GRIPTILIAN, a very common question in the knife community would be the  GRIPTILIAN VS BARRAGE, and which one is better.

Well, I tried answering the question, and I did some research and end up reviewing both the Barrage and the Griptilian, and I did bring their similarities and differences to the table, so if you wish to know more about these knives, let us dive in.

PS: The knives on comparison are the Benchmade – Barrage 580 and the Benchmade – Griptilian 551

Griptilian 551 vs Barrage 580 – A Head-to-Head Comparison


Griptilian 551

Barrage 580

Overall Length



Blade Length



Blade Steel

154CM Steel

154CM Steel

Knife Weight

3.25 Oz 

4.2 Oz

Blade Style

Modified Drop Point 

Drop Point


Check Price

Check Price

Benchmade 580 barrage review

This Barrage knife showcases the AXIS Assist, there are several Benchmade Barrage models, the full-sized, the mini and comes, today we’re attacking the 580 barrage that comes with a 3.6” drop point blade made from 154CM Steel, that offers great edge retention, good wear resistance and great corrosion resistance, it has black Valox handle, it has a reversible bright split arrow clip, and comes with double 420J stainless steel liners.

The knife has a nice full grip and the assist feels so nice, it springs over once you partially open the blade, it also has a secondary spine-mounted safety, so once your knife is close it will be safe and won’t be opened randomly.

In all the knife comes with great performance, and great ergonomics, which makes it a premium knife that I would definitely go for.

Benchmade Griptilian 551 Review

The Griptilian knife comes with three different blades: the tanto, the drop point, and the Sheepsfoot, today we’re going to see the 551 GRIPTILIAN, it comes with a 3.4” drop point blade made from 154CM Steel that offers great edge retention, great wear-resistance, and great corrosion resistance, the knife has a black reversible Tip-up clip, comes with a AXIS Assist lock Mechanism, and black Noryl GTX Handle (You can get them on orange if you want to).

The shape of this knife is very accommodating, thanks to no prominent finger grooves or bird’s peak at the end, it has a simple shape that swells and wraps around at the end means that even larger hands can get a pretty grip on the knife.

Overall this is a great EDC knife, that doesn’t wait too much, it’s good for outdoors, camping, hiking, and even for tactical, law enforcement, or self-defense uses.

What are the Similarities Griptilian vs Barrage?

  1. Steel: they Both have the 154CM Steel that offers great edge retention, great wear resistance, and toughness, and great corrosion resistance.
  2. Design: they offer the same or a close design that offers a good knife grip.
  3. Handle: Both knives can have G10 or any other type of handle available on the Benchmade store (you can choose your handle)

Benchmade Griptilian vs Barrage – Some Key Differences

  1. Blade Length: Barrage comes with a 3.6” blade length, meanwhile the Griptilian has a 3.45” blade length (I know it’s not a big difference, and Yes you can clas it as a similarity).
  2. Thickness: Griptilian Has a 0.115” thickness which makes it less beefy compared to the Barrage 0.121” thickness.


If you did notice both knives are very close, they’re made from the same steel, they offer the same performance, even their differences aren’t very big, so if you’re wondering which one is better, honestly they’re both good and I don’t have a favorite I love both of theme, but if you have to choose one I’d recommend the Barrage with M390 Steel and G10 handles, it’s quite expensive, but you will get the best of the knives, and finally if you can afford to have both of them and try by yourself, I’ll gladly welcome your experience just hit me up with an Email.

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