About Us

Hello! and welcome to the Knife User!

It’s a great place for everyone who seeks to know more about knives, blades, the steels used in the swords, how to sharpen knives. In all, everything related to knives will end up here.

So why did I start Knife User?

Well, being a knife user, I always enjoyed knowing more about my knife, its steel, its shape, its type, and the science behind it! Why? Because it makes my vision to blades and knives more transparent, and I can answer those questions like why this knife is cheap? Why is this knife isn’t recommended? That’s why I even started this site so that I can share the science behind the knife.

My mission with Knife User

My mission is to share every sort of information/tips/hacks related to Knives, this blog’s purpose is to regroup all knife lovers and discuss anything and everything … I’m deeply in love with the idea of this site, I find my happiness reading/watching knife stuff, that’s why I ‘ll make sure to share this happiness with you, and show how cool to be a knife user.


Who is Knifeuser.com ?

I’m a big passionate of knives. I remember the first knife I had it was a little scouting knife a present from my father, right there it was the start of my passion, I don’t consider my self as an expert in knives, I m just a person who uses knives, in kitchen, camping, outdoor activities; therefore I call my self a Knife User

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